About Us


About Us

Find out more about who we are, what God has us to do, what makes us unique, what methods we use, and what
we believe.


Who are we?

Eagle Projects International is a
gospel-driven organization committed
to bringing Christ to the nations through
evangelism, education, church planting,
and humanitarian projects.

Our vision and ideas are not imported from America and imposed on others. Rather they organically grow out of the fertile hearts and minds of faithful men and women in each country. They know best how to reach their own people
and we want to help them do it.

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What is our philosophy
of ministry?

Since 1989, Eagle Projects has maintained the same philosophy of ministry encompassing three core principles:

  • Field Evangelism that takes the message of the gospel out to the unsaved on their own territory
  • Making sure that everything we do is directed toward the goal of church planting
  • Partnering with nationals who have a passion
    and vision of how best to preach the gospel to their own people

Why Eagle Projects?

  • We deliberately go to areas where
    other ministries typically don't go.
  • We are devoted to bringing Christ
    into the areas that are most
    difficult to reach.
  • For almost 30 years, through trial
    and error, we have honed our
    methodology to avoid common
    mistakes and achieve
    lasting results.
  • We are a highly efficient
    organization with over 25
    years of experience.

What do we do?

Through preaching, teaching, and humanitarian aid work, we bring the healing message of the gospel to people in spiritual and physical need.

Using hand-picked project personnel, we target the needs of the people and tribes we are ministering to. Our national partners know these people, how to get to them, and work with them to open doors for sharing Christ in a way that they will receive the message.

All of this leads to dozens of new churches each year on Eagle Projects.


What methods do
we use?

Our methods for sharing the Gospel include open-air proclamation, along with theological education, training, and equipping national pastors and church leaders.

Eagle Projects conducts medical and vision clinics to minister to the poorest of the poor. We also provide financial support and guidance to orphanages and trafficking rescue centers.


Where do we work?

Eagle Projects takes the gospel to places where Christ has not been proclaimed. We actively work with the indigenous pastors who know where the unreached are located.

These pastors also know the best method of reaching these virgin areas. It takes only one or two projects among them before they open up and allow the preaching of the gospel.

Many hundreds have responded to the gospel and dozens of churches continue long after we are gone.


What now?

Since the mid 80's we’ve watched
nearly every facet of Christian
ministry change. Christian missions
has changed the most in the past
fifteen years than any other time in
history. With the rise of the internet,
a shift in the global economy, and the
threat of terrorism, our job has gotten
progressively harder.

One thing will not change. We will
continue to follow the idea that says,
“find out what God is doing and join Him."

With our emphasis on international
partnerships, Eagle Projects will continue to stay ahead of the curve– engaging in ministry that has long-lasting results.