What Your Donation Does


What Your Donation Does

More than 90% of our funding is provided by
individual donors. We need people with willing
hearts to give to the ongoing monthly financial
needs of the ministry—people who share our
calling to preach the gospel to the whole world.


Will you help us?

Not everyone is called to go on the mission field,
but everyone can pray for and support those
who do go. Will you help us by providing a
monthly contribution to this ministry?

Monthly donations to the Eagle Ministry
provide the foundation for all that we do.

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What a willing heart
can do to help

  • $1.67 a day ($50.00 a month) to the Shepherd Ministry provides the expense of starting one new church each year.
  • $1.00 a day ($30 a month) to the Shelter Ministry provides medicine for us to treat 120 people each year.
  • $3.00 a day ($90 a month) to the Laborer Ministry allows us to provide our Eagle Theological Training to 12 pastors
    each year.
  • $10.00 a day ($300 a month) to the Eagle Ministry is enough to provide all of the project leader expenses for one entire missions project.

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Return on Investment

Eagle Projects International is a ministry that
provides a high return on investment. We
make it easy to give and easy to feel good
about giving. Please join us today.

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