Church Leaders

Church leader training

Eagle Projects works with our indiginous partners to provide biblical and counseling training for church leaders


Training local church leaders with biblical education

Eagle Projects trains local church leaders with bliblical training ranging from various biblical topics to exegetical teaching with practical application.


Encouraging one another by gathering together to learn God’s word

Providing local church leaders with counseling training

Because many of our church leaders work with orphan children or rescued girls, Eagle Projects trains local house parents in counseling skills
and techniques tailored to the specific needs
of these unique children.

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We travel to remote areas to equip church leaders

Eagle Projects International travels to countries such as Kenya, Myanmar, Ghana and Nepal to provide training for church leaders.

Much of this training supports further projects where our Shelter Ministry provides medical care, eye-glass clinics and work with children to help leaders interpret the service and care the provide to their communities.

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Helping to train the future leaders of the church