Medical Clinics


Medical Clinics

Eagle Projects travels to the most remote
villages to provide needed medical care,
medications, and eyeglasses to demonstrate
the love of Christ.


Top Quality
Medical care

Leading doctors and nurses
join our Eagle Projects teams
to provide the highest level
of medical care.


Providing medications
for common illnesses

Our medical clinics are mobile, allowing us to
reach places where people have no access to
care. Simple infections lead to death in
these places.



On each medical project, thousands
of medications are prepared by our
team prior to the clinics to treat
ailments such as malaria,
worms, infections and other



People will walk for miles to our clinics for the ability to read. Our staff will help each person find the glasses that will help them to see up close.

Many times this gives them the ability to work again doing tasks like sewing and craft making. We give away about 500 pairs of glasses on each medical project.


We go to them

We travel to the most remote villages to provide medical care and demonstrate the message of Christ.

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