Frontline Theology


Frontline Theology

Frontline Theology is theological
training for pastors that offers a three-year
curriculum in their native language
designed to be transferrable to
the most remote villages.


Working with our partners to provide theological training for pastors

Designed to train pastors twenty-four topics over three years

Eagle Theological Training trains pastors in
twenty-four theological topics over the course
of three years.

These topics are the foundation of the Christian
faith and give a firm foundation for the pastors
to transfer to other pastors and provide
content for teaching and preaching.


The curriculum is translated into their native language

Eagle Theological Training is translated into the native language of the people. This includes student notes that can be easily and inexpensively copied for duplicate training.


Training is designed to be duplicated to remote villages

Eagle Projects has always desired to “go to them”
with field evangelism and church planting. In the same
way, Frontline Theology is a “train the trainer”
model where core pastors are brought to a central
location to be trained once a year.

Then over the course of a year, these pastors travel
to remote villages to train other local pastors. These
pastors then train local church members.

Because the curriculum is designed to be
transferrable even to the uneducated and
illiterate, our model allows those in the
farthest villages to receive
biblical training.


Pastors help to train other pastors in remote villages